Life Data Stream

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Emily Chang posted about "My Data Stream", which brought to mind the idea of personal planets. Emily is pulling together the streaming data from her digital life that passes through feeds.  Jeremy Keith has written about his life streams and has had a nice interface to Jeremy's Life Stream for some time now.

It was a chat with Jeremy and some others this past summer at the Microlearning conference that I started thinking about playing around with a personal planet, which would use PlanetPlanet, a Python script, to pull all of my life streams together.  It works nicely on my laptop, or did until the December crash.  But, now it could be time to put it out in public.

Personal Planets

Why a personal planet? We have an incredible amount of information that passes before out eyes and that is generated by our simple actions.  Emily did a great job showing the breadth of feeds generated.  This seems a simple thin thread.  What if we could quickly scan that thread and annotate it to make it easier to refind.

Planets are relatively easy to build and it should be easy to share for others to build upon. Personally, I am really surprised there are not thousands of these out there already.  Now to start tinkering a wee bit this week.