New Home for Personal InfoCloud

by Thomas Vander Wal in ,

This weblog now has a new domain attached, You may want to adjust your links and aggregation to update this change. Things will look a little funny at the old address.

We made this change to be more future ready. We have had the domain for quite some time, but have not tied it to this weblog until now. The Personal InfoCloud is only a piece of a much larger project that will be rolled out over time. The first step (well the first step that you can see today) is to get the Personal InfoCloud set.

Now that the domain is tied to the site we will be posting here again more regularly. The links should not change, no matter where this site lives in the future or what it looks like. This site will always focus on the Personal InfoCloud matters, as broad and as narrow as they are. One of the items that will be covered here will be folksonomy as it has a role in the Personal InfoCloud with people tagging information for their own retrieval using their own vocabulary.